July 6, 2015

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matlab code window

Fig : Matlab code to design a butterworth band stop filter of

  • amount of ripple allowed in the pass band in decibels = 1 dB
  • frequency at the start of the pass band = 2π/8 rad/sec
  • frequency at the end of the pass band = 6 π/8 rad/sec
  • frequency at the end of the first stop band =3π/8 rad/sec
  • frequency at the start of the second stop band=5π/8 rad/sec
  • attenuation in the first stopband in decibels = 60 dB

More design specifications can be found in mathwork :


figure visualisation in matlab

figure visualisation in matlab


The design of a 4th order butterworth, bandstop filter at a lower cutoff frequency of 45 Hz and upper cutoff frequency of 55 Hz is realized as shown. The filter options can be found in the signal processing toolkit in labview.

lab view

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