February 1, 2014


What’s its importance in robotics????

You must be familiar with robots which work on facial recognition and gesture recognition systems. OpenCV is one such platform where all these can be achieved. But OpenCV is indeed capable of many more functions essential to present day robotics.

OpenCV  is a library of programming function mainly aimed at real-time computer vision, which is free for use under the open source BSD license.It is an open source image processing library which have copious functions to help accelerate the implementation. Moreover, OpenCV supports not only C but also C++ and python which makes it easier for the programmer to migrate from one platform to another. In this tutorial series, we will be dealing with the C and C++ implementation of OpenCV code. This means that we will try our maximum to include the OpenCV and OpenCV2 implementation of the same program. Moreover a beginner level approach will always be taken throughout the tutorials.

OpenCV installation in windows

Installation in Ubuntu

Open and Display Images

Streaming Video from Camera

Image filtering techniques

Laplace and Sobel

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