October 26, 2016

ORIGO Robotics Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

1)Will each person get a kit ?

One full robotics development kit will be given to a team of four. The team together will be learning the skills and softwares required and building a self driving car. Either one of you in the team can take the kit, or you can still work using the kit together/alternatively after the workshop as a continuous learning. We encourage you for the second.

2)Why we need to attend the workshop ?

We can guarantee one thing, this workshop will introduce you to 8 domains using industry standard softwares/content. for those who are pitching into the real world of engineering/robotics, this will be certainly a turning point. Robotics Interest Group (RIG-NITC), working in mechatronics lab, was established in 2012, and we have been conducting workshops for first years for last 10 years. We know what the first years students lack, so we are able to cater to their needs by well-tailored sessions and hands-on. That is what makes our workshops different from the online or other off-campus events.

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