November 10, 2014

Pneumatics and Vacuum Technology

Various pneumatics projects.

Wall climber robot:

  • Move vertically upwards over a straight line.
  • Move sideways left or right on the wall which is accomplished through a diagonally guided horizontal motion.
  • Shift itself from one wall to another perpendicular adjacent wall and detect roofs, corners and edges of a room.

Pneumatic plotter:

Developing an xy Image plotter using Pneumatic linear actuators(air cylinders) controlled using 5/3 way valves.View More




Wall Climber V2.0.

The robot is a 2 DOF open link mechanism which has 2 suction grippers, one at each end. Gripping of the robot to the wall was achieved using suction cups (Vacuum based grippers) which are industrially used for handling a wide variety of materials during automated manufacturing. The joints of the robot are driven by DC motors.




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