July 3, 2015

Some Important Commands

  • Primary instructions in setup():
    1. Serial.begin(baud rate)
    2. pinMode(pin, mode)
  • For digital pins:
    1. digitalRead(pin)
    2. digitalWrite(pin,value)
  • For analog pins:
    1. analogWrite(pin,value)
    2. analogRead(pin)
  • Other serial instructions:
    1. Serial.available()
    2. Serial.write()
    3. Serial.read()
  • Delay(time in miliseconds):
  • This function is used to delay the execution of the next instruction by specified time. For example: as you know processor is having very high speed so while blinking any led you will not be able to see the blinking properly for this you use delay()

Arduino-Some Important Concept

  1. Baud rate v/s bit rate:
  2. Bit rate is bits getting transmitted per second where the baud rate is number of symbols getting transmitted per second. These symbols are made up of bits only, so package of bits per second is the actual baud rate.

  3. Serial Monitor:
  4. The finding glass type symbol at the right top corner is the serial monitor which is used for the communication between our computer system and the microcontroller. You can send and receive the data in the serial monitor window.

  5. While uploading any program you have to check the board and serial port from Tools menu. Serial port is the port available to transmit the data to our board. And in board, you have several boards available. For example: for freeduino use Atmega8, for arduino uno select uno in the option.
  6. Help/getting started and Help/reference: basics are available.
  7. File/sketchbook: all sketches are saved.
  8. File/examples: all practice examples are available for beginners.
  9. Whenever required we can import library in the program, libraries have all the basic necessary code files.
    1. www.arduino.cc
    2. Getting started with arduino, second edition.
    Note: All other functions and information, you can get from arduino website – www.arduino.cc

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