July 5, 2015

Simulink-Mathematical Model

In general solution of a mathematical model in Simulink essentially comprises of three blocks,

  1. Source:contains the function and constants.
  2. Mathematical Operation
  3. Sink:Where the result is displayed.

Analyzing a simple sine function y = sinx

  1. Click on the Sourceunder Simulink and select Sine Waveand bring it onto the models tab.Sine Wave
  2. Now click on sinksand selcet scope.Scope
  3. Now join the Sine Waveblock by taking the cursor to the arrow displayed in front of the sine wave block.A Plus ‘+’ appears then move the cursor to the arrow displayed on the back side of the scope and it will automatically be joined.Simulink Tab
  4. Now click on the run button.
    Simulink Run

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