July 10, 2015


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What the hack is going on guys?,today we are going to hack Linux.

But What is linux?

Basically linux is operating system kernel (Kernel is a computer program that manages the Input Output request from the software and controls the hardware.).

Story of Linux

This is the story of linux ,In August 1991 Linus Torvalds when he was studying at University of Helsinki started writing a free Operating System as hobby .The Linux Open Source project spread around the world and developers all around the world started contributing their code in that OS. later Linus made decision to Licensed that OS under the GPL (General Public Licence) made by Richard Stallman.and named that OS as Linux and giving a symbol as penguin.

The Linux with GPL licence and other GNU component revolutionised the word of computing.
The GPL Licence gives very basic but important freedoms to its users.these are

  1. Freedom to use the software for any purpose.
  2. Freedom to change the software as per your need.
  3. Freedom to distribute the Software.
Freedom to share the software with your changes.

Why Linux?

Because Linux is

  1. Open source
  2. It is faster OS
  3. More stable OS
  4. No viruses

Then Lets start the Linux!

Linux comes in various distributions like Ubuntu,Fedora,Open Suse and many more I am going to explain on Ubuntu OS ,except few commands all other commands are same for the all Linux distributions.

Before we continue you should know some basic thing about Linux ,

The folders are called as Directories in the linux.
This is the place where we write the commands.in Ubuntu you can open this by either searching at search bar or just press ctr +alt +t the terminal will open.


Here “robotics-lab” is username “PC-2” is the name of the computer ,
’~’ shows the Home directory and the home directory is represented by ‘~’ symbol .

The $ sign represents the normal user which does not have the administrator privileges,
If it is # sign means that is root user i.e. your having administrator privileges (you can access system files) ,we will discuss later in this tutorial about the normal user and the root user.

Now we will start writing commands.

Linux Tutorial 1

Linux Tutorial 2

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