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 Sudheer A P

Sudheer.A.P is a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut,Kerala. He started his career at NITC in Nov 2005.He has 12 years of experience including one year industrial experience. Sudheer has worked as a lecturer in various institutions like Model Polytechnique-Kannur, Govt.Engineering College- Kannur-Kerala, College of Engineering-Chengannur, Kerala and Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham-Coimbatore. Presently he is the lab in charge of Mechatronics / Robotics Laboratory.

Educational Background

    • B.Sc.-Mathematics-Calicut University.
    • B.Tech.-Mechanical Engineering-Mahatma Gandhi university.
    • Currently Doing PhD in the area of Humanoid Robotics.

Research Interests

        • Robotics-Humanoid, Mobile Manipulator. • Intelligent Control. • Vision systems. • Reengineering. • Sensing, Monitoring and Inspection Systems

Teaching Interests

        • Robotics-Kinematics,Dynamics,control. • CAD/CAM/Automation. • Mechatronics. • Metrology. • Control Systems.

Administrative Duties

        • Lab in Charge of Mechatronics/Robotics Laboratory. • Resident Tutor-PG II Hostel. • Faculty adviser-Third year Production Engg

Professional Affiliations

        • Life Member of ISTE

Research Keywords

        Robotics-Humanoid Robotics, Mobile Robotic Manipulators,Computer vision, Mechatronics systems, Soft computing algorithms for robotics, Intelligent automation Projects Guided B.Tech. M.Tech Short term courses Attended Funded projects Contact information


National/International Conference Papers

        1) Sudheer.A.P, Jayadev.P.K, Udhayakumar.S,”Reengineering the Engineering Education-A Comprehensive Case Study”Proccedings of 34th ISTE Annual Convention and National Seminar, New Delhi, December 18-20,2004.pp-2-014.


        2) Sudheer.A.P, P.K.Jayadev,”Inverse Kinematics Analysis and Joint space trajectory Planning For SCORBOT ERV Robot” Proceedings of the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Thermal Engineering, Competitive Manufacturing and Management, Chennai, January 24th &25th 2005.pp-1-6


        3) Sudheer.A.P, Boby.K.George, P.K.Jayadev,”Vision Based Driver Assistance System”, Proceeding of the 21st AIMTDR conference, VIT, Vellore, December 20-22nd, 2005,pp-677-672.


        4) R.Narayanan, S.Udhayakumar, Sudheer A.P., “Multi-objective Optimization in Turning –A genetic Approach”, Proceeding of the National Conference on Globally competitive Eco Friendly Technologies In mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (GETME 2005), Erode, Tamilnadu April 15 – 16, 2005,pp-H26-32.


        5) Santhakumar.M,.P.K.Jayadev,A.P.Sudheer, “ Optimum Path Planning of Planar Robot for an Assembly Operation using genetic algorithm “Proceeding of the National Conference on Globally competitive Eco Friendly Technologies In mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (GETME 2005), Erode, Tamilnadu April 15 – 16, 2005,pp-N15-22.


        6) M.Santhakumar,A.P.Sudheer,P.K.Jayadev,Shanmugha Sundharam”Modeling and Measurement of Kinematic error of Scora ER14 Robot Manipulator-A Jacobian Approach”,Proceedings of National conference On Recent Trends on Science and Technology ,Chennai,May 26th&27th 2005.


        7) A.P.Sudheer,M.Santhakumar, P.K.Jayadev,Shanmugha Sundharam ”Error Analysis of Compliant Robot Manipulator-Scorbot ERV”,Proceedings of National conference On Recent Trends on Science and Technology ,Chennai,May 26th&27th 2005.pp142-145.


        8) Sudheer.A.P., P.K.Jayadev, Santhakumar.M, Shanmugha sundharam “Analysis of Compliant error Robotic manipulator- Scorbot ER V”, Proceedings of the International conference-ICMPM 2005,Erode,India,Dec 12th-14th 2005.pp964-972


        9) Jackson Phinni, Sudheer.A.P ,Ramakrishna.M, Jemshed, “Obstacle Avoidance of wheeled mobile robot: A Genetic-neurofuzzy approach, IISc Centenary – International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (IC-ICAME), Bangalore, India, July 2-4, 2008.


        10) Ramakrishna.M,Sudheer.A.P”Stable Biped Locomotion in Step Ascending Using Genetic-Neuro-Fuzzy Approach “(Accepted in the AIMTDR international conference 2008)


National /International Journal Papers

        (1) Sudheer.A.P, Santhakumar.M, P.K.Jayadev, Shanmugha Sundaram”Position Analysis and Joint space Trajectory Planning for ABB IRB 7600 Robot”Journal of Manufacturing Technology Today Vol.4,pp25-28,October 2005


        (2) Sudheer.A.P, Santhakumar.M, S.Udhayakumar, Dr.R.Ravindran Nair” Reengineering the Engineering Education-A Solution for 21st Century? A comprehensive Case Study” Indian Journal of Technical Education vol.28,pp88-94, Oct-Dec 2005


        (3) Santhakumar.M Sudheer A.P, P.K.Jayadev “ Optimum Path Planning of Scora ER 14(SCARA) Robot for an Assembly Operation using genetic algorithm” Journal of Manufacturing Technology Today Vol.5 Pp18-22, Nov.2006


        (4) Sudheer.A.P Santhakumar.M S.Udhayakumar “ Pose Error Analysis of Scorbot ER V Robot using a Jacobian based Kinematic error Model” Indian Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology, Vol.1, Pp65-73 ,Jan 2007.


        (5) Sudheer.A.P, G.varaprasad “A Solution for 21st centuary Higher education.- Reengineering?”University news-Ajournal of higher Education.Vol 45 ,No43, October 2007.pp4-8.( This paper has accepted as Book Chapter in the Encyclopedia of higher Education.)


        (6) Manu s Madhav,Narayanan,R.Ravikrishnan,Sudheer.A.P “Design, Analysis and Control of a Mobile Manipulator”-Journal of system science and Engg(Accepted for publication.)


        (7 ) Jackson phinni,Sudheer.A.P “Optimum path planning and obstacle avoidance of mobile robot in complex environment –A genetic nuerofuzzy approach” (Communicated to international journal of robotics and automation)


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