July 3, 2015

Arduino- Get To Know About Arduino

Get To Know About Arduino

Technology has given you a chance to interpret your knowledge and innovate something new. Electronics which used to be in the hands of engineers and professors is now in the hands of students. Arduino has simplified the process of making a system. Arduino is based on making designs rather than talking about them. Arduino is open source. You can design your own small system and make it work by uploading a piece of program using arduino software. Arduino is basically composed of two parts: Hardware and software which are extremely flexible and very easy to use. With Arduino, a designer or artist can get to know the basics of electronics and sensors very quickly and can start building prototypes with very little investment.

Different chips are available having same basic AVR architecture (same basic design of some group of microcontrollers). For example: ATMEGA8, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA328 etc.

The Arduino board is just a piece of hardware in which you have to upload a program using the arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is a software running on your computer. You write the program(in c language) and arduino checks for the errors. Then upload the program to the arduino board by USB connector (i.e. Serial communication between arduino and your PC). This is the entire process. Let’s consider hardware and software one by one.

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